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USB connector classification

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Different ways of classifying USB connectors. According to frequency, there are high-frequency connectors and low-frequency connectors; according to shape, there are round connectors and rectangular connectors; according to usage, there are PCB connectors, cabinet connectors, acoustic connectors, power connectors, special connectors, etc. The following content is to introduce several ways to classify USB connectors.

Here is the content list:

  • USB connectors by frequency classification

  • USB connectors are classified according to electrical requirements

  • USB connectors are classified according to environmental conditions.

USB connectors by frequency classification

1. low-frequency connectors: the general connector transmission current is 100MHz or less. This USB connector transmission current range is larger, the structure is more multi-line (up to several hundred lines).

(1) Cable connectors. This type of USB connector consists of a multi-stranded cable or shielded cable and solid wire, free-end connector consists of free-end paired connectors or fixed connectors.

(2) Box connector. It consists of two fixed USB connectors. The two methods are mounted separately on the frame of the system and use the linear reciprocating motion of the unit components to achieve connection and separation.

(3) Spare connectors for mounting audio. There are many USB connectors, such as YS1 ring connectors, coaxial connectors, plugs, audio, etc.

(4) Connectors for household appliances. Such USB connectors are mainly used for home appliances such as black and white TVs, color TVs, and similarly structured home appliances.

(5) Office equipment connectors. This product is mainly used for copiers, Chinese and English computer printers, microprocessors, and other equipment.

(6) Power connectors for electronic and electrical equipment.

2. High-frequency connectors: generally refers to USB connectors used for circuits above 100MHz. The structure of this connector should take into account the leakage and reflection of high-frequency electric fields. Because the coaxial system is usually used to connect, it is also called the coaxial connector.

3. Mixed high and low-frequency connectors: refers to USB connectors that contain both low and high-frequency contact pairs.

USB connectors are classified according to electrical requirements

They can be divided into general-purpose connectors, high power connectors, high voltage connectors, pulse connectors, low noise connectors, anti-interference filter connectors, phase modulation connectors, coaxial connectors, etc.

USB connectors are classified according to environmental conditions

USB connectors can be divided into sealed connectors, anti-radiation connectors, high-temperature connectors, low-temperature connectors, etc. According to the working environment conditions.

After understanding the classification of the above several USB connectors, it is beneficial for us to correctly identify the different types of USB connectors, so that we can judge their application areas and use. USB connector products are widely used in the network, communications, computers, electrical appliances, automotive, medical, and other industries, KunShan Winconn Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. to first-class product quality and excellent technical services to all walks of life customers praised, for more information, please visit our official website https://www.wconn.com/, we hope to become partners with you, We pursue innovation with zero defect quality, continuous improvement is our quality policy, all-round, full range of customer service, your satisfaction is our commitment, we would like to work together with customers to create a beautiful tomorrow.





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