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FPC connector packaging and manual soldering methods

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The FPC connector is a commonly used lightweight connector that is small, thin, and portable. It will generally have a smaller pin pitch and a thinner thickness, which means that it is easy to deform the pins in the event of a crash during transport. To address this issue, two packaging methods are described below.

Here is the content list:

  • FPC connector packaging methods

  • Manual soldering method for FPC connectors

FPC connector packaging methods

For the FPC connector package size of the smaller pitch connector, the requirements of the package can well protect the connector terminal coplanarity and terminal alignment orthogonality, in the packaging method, the FPC connector will generally use PVC pipe packaging or carrier tape packaging.

  1. PVC pipe packaging, PVC pipe packaging of small pitch FPC connector protection performance is poor, and the SMT process requires manual placement of the product on the PCB, increasing the customer assembly process outside the line, and seriously affecting production efficiency.

  2. carrier tape packaging. FPC connector package size of the smaller pitch, it is recommended that you use the carrier tape packaging.

According to the shape of the product design packaging carrier tape can be well protected from damage to the product, and in the SMT automatic placement welding process can be carried out like other electronic components, without additional processes and equipment to assist assembly. It can effectively improve production efficiency.

Manual soldering method for FPC connectors

  1. Apply flux to the pads before soldering and treat them with a soldering iron to avoid poor tinning or oxidation of the pads, resulting in poor soldering.

  2. Carefully place the PQFP chip on the PCB board with tweezers, taking care not to damage the plug. Align it with the pads and make sure the chip is placed in the correct orientation. Set the temperature of the soldering iron to above 300°C, dip the tip of the iron tip in a small amount of solder, press the positioning tab with the tool to position it, and press the chip downwards at the same time with a small amount of solder at the two opposite corners of the pin, when soldering the patch, two solder pins at the opposite corners of the strip to ensure that it cannot move.

  3. When you start soldering all the plugs, you should add solder to the tip of the soldering iron and coat all the pins with solder to keep the pins wet. Touch the tip of the soldering iron to one end of each pin of the wafer until you see the solder flowing into the pins. Keep the tip of the soldering iron parallel to the pin being soldered when soldering to avoid over-soldering.

Modern development process, of course, is not recommended to use the hand welding connection method. This method is very laborious, and the flow of people will bring different degrees of cost increases to the enterprise. SMT is the best, but also the maximum degree of protection and reduce costs, and therefore more competitive in the market. Welcome to our company to buy FPC connector products.





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