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Introduction of the Box Header Connector

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Box Header Connectors are usually rectangular in appearance, somewhat similar to the base inside the power socket of home appliances, the difference is that Box Header Connectors are all inside a row of tiny guidelines, and equipment interconnection, through these rows of pins to carry out the transfer of current.

A basic connector contains four parts: touch page, touch plating, touch elastic parts, and its connector plastic itself, its role is to promote cable lines, cable lines, printed circuit boards, and electronic components in the middle of the connection and separation out, to transmit data signals, interchange information content.

Here is the list content list:

  • The structure of the Box Header Connector

  • The role of the Box Header Connector

The structure of the Box Header Connector

The Box Header Connector is usually a four-sided plastic socket and several neatly arranged square pins. The difference between a Box Header Connector and a bullhorn connector is that the Box Header Connector has lost the clips on both sides. Depending on the requirements, the outer dimensions of the Box Header Connector are commonly 1.27 pitch, 2.0 pitch, and 2.54 pitch; depending on the pitch, the diameter of the quadrilateral pins used is also changed accordingly. The bottom contact surface with the PCB board can be designed as SMT chip type or DIP direct insertion 180 degrees.

The role of the Box Header Connector

After soldering to the PCB board, the Box Header Connector is connected to the IDC cable of the appropriate size and then connected to another circuit to form the circuit connection required by the designer. It is usually used to transmit control signals and weak currents. At present, Box Header Connectors has mainly used in the electronics industry PCB board above, specific industry applications are CNC machine tools, excavation equipment, instrumentation, security, intelligent gates, communications, the automotive industry, artificial intelligence, and other fields, it can be said that the Box Header Connector in the industrial use is indispensable.

Box Header Connectors in the use of general need to pay attention to the insertion direction, perpendicular to the direction of insertion, and tilt of these three aspects. The Box Header Connector should be fully inserted to U = 14.2 to ensure that the specified contact resistance is achieved. If the printed or fixed board-mounted connector is floating, the design of the free and fixed board-mounted connector should allow for an adjustable displacement of at least 1 mm. The design solutions for free and fixed board-mounted connectors allow for a tilt tolerance of ±4° in the longitudinal axis and ±4° in the transverse axis.

The connector has a high degree of customization characteristics, connector goods most of the joint development and customer, according to customer demand design program customized goods, along with government departments of various types of national support policies, China's communications, automotive, and other traditional manufacturing operations overtime a rapid improvement stage. We look forward to KunShan Winconn Electronic Technology Co., Ltd and global customers establishing business partnerships.





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