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Introduction to FPC connectors

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Easy-On FFC connectors and FPC connectors offer a broad portfolio of actuators, pitch sizes (0.25 to 2.00 mm), and circuit sizes (2 to 80) to provide electronics manufacturers with reliable, dependable, easy-to-use connector solutions and increased design flexibility. It is available in front flip cover; reverse flip; slider; non-ZIF and single touch, right angle, or vertical orientation. Ideal for the consumer, mobile device, and automotive markets. Our FPC connectors are produced by a fully automatic machine, CCD to check the flatness of the fully automatic machine and automatic tape and reel packaging, effectively solving the problem of soldering empty solder for our customers' processes and providing them with a quality and reliable product that solves their problems. Let's understand some of the applications and market prospects of FPC connectors.

Here is the content list:

  • The application of FPC connrvtors

  • How to choose FPC connectors

The application of FPC connectors

  1. FPC connectors are mainly used in: LCDs, scanners, and other electronic equipment.

  2. Computer motherboards, LCD monitors, telecommunications cards, memory, and mobile hard drives, including mobile devices. Mobile devices (such as mobile phones, MP3 players, and laptops) are increasingly using FPC connectors with impact-resistant back-lock mechanism connectors.

  3. Automotive electronic connectors, car GPS navigation, medical equipment, and products are widely used in audio, digital machines, video cameras, car audio, television sets, typewriters, calculators, cash registers, telephones, CD-ROM, VCD, DVD, copiers, printers, wireless instruments, visual call equipment, and aerospace products high-tech pioneers.

The rapid growth of mobile phone production in China has led to a large demand for mobile phone connectors. Mobile phone connectors, battery connectors, SIM card connectors, and FPC connector demand is the largest. Connector market prospects can be expected, one of the biggest attractions of the IIC Components Pavilion.

How to choose FPC connectors

  1. Find out the standard you need, the number of wiring is how many, due to the number of wiring and standard, will determine which kind of rubber core industrial connectors you use. There are hundreds of different types of cores available in shopping centers, which can cause a lot of inconvenience if you are not careful. The core selection may be related to the space required for installation, so the voltage used for each core needs to be indicated.

  2. Understand the FPC connector rubber core connection line, as each FPC connector articulation standards are different, the cable connection of the rubber core arrangement is not the same.

  3. choose the manufacturer of FPC connectors. FPC connectors a lot, we recommend that you find a reliable manufacturer, with long-term cooperation. Kunshan Winconn Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a trustworthy partner.

KunShan Winconn Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to building an evergreen brand with perfect quality. Our products are used in a wide range of industries, and we have branded equipment from Switzerland and Japan, including high-precision grinding machines, milling machines, wire cutting machines, high-precision injection molding machines, high-speed punching machines, high-speed policy cutting machines, plastic molds, and laboratory machines. The ability to develop and design end-of-line stamping and injection molds, from precision high-speed stamping molds and high-precision injection molds to automated product assembly machines, gives a clear advantage in terms of lead times for customized product delivery. For more information please click on the website https://www.wconn.com/





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