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The use of USB connectors

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USB connectors are a serial bus standard and a technical specification for input and output interfaces that are widely used in information and communication products such as personal computers and mobile devices, and extend to other related areas such as photographic equipment, digital TV (set-top boxes), and games consoles. USB connectors have a wide range of application areas, but also, attention should be paid to the correct use of USB connectors to avoid damage.

Here is the content list:

  • USB connectors for TV applications

  • USB connector precautions for use

USB connectors for TV applications

Although many TV sets are equipped with a USB connector, the functions that can be achieved by connecting a storage device via the USB interface are not quite the same. Some TVs only support the playback of pictures from the USB connector storage device, while others can play music files and some specific formats of video. When it comes to USB playback capability, current domestic TVs are still relatively good at USB playback, with H.264 encoded and RM/RMVB format HD videos generally playing smoothly, although the effect is still a gap compared to high-end HD players, but also enough for general users. The USB connector on the side of the TV allows you to directly plug in a USB stick or mobile hard drive.

USB connector precautions for use

1. Avoid incorrect plugging and unplugging: Although the USB interface supports hot plugging and dialing, it can not be carried out arbitrarily. Note that you can not plug and dial in its normal work, especially flash drives, and hard drives, and do not plug and dial frequently in a short period, because the USB connector work, the system needs a reaction time to respond, frequently, will cause the system errors, the best time above 5 seconds.

2. Do not use the poor quality USB connection cable

Some irregular extension cables are of poor quality, especially the interface part, the length should not be too long, otherwise, it will affect the data transmission. Therefore, be sure to use a good-quality USB extension cable.

3. It is forbidden to touch the mini USB connector interface. If you accidentally touch the exposed metal chip inside the interface, it can lead to electrical shock and other installation accidents.

4. The mini USB connector has a relatively small volume interface. When a fault occurs, please do not remove and repair it without permission if you are not a technician to avoid improper operation and damage to other parts of the USB connector.

5. Secondly, when using the USB connector, take care not to subject its interface to moisture, otherwise the USB connector is prone to short-circuiting, leakage, and other faults. At the same time, it also avoids some small impurities and debris in the interface, so as not to affect the female chassis and USB connector male poor contact, resulting in some failure to identify the induction.

The use of the proper way to help protect the USB connector. The company is committed to providing customers with high-quality, innovative products and "one-stop" product solutions. It has been the quality of the first life of the enterprise, always adheres to the leading technology and brand strategy, coupled with scientific management and advanced quality inspection methods, so that the company's products continue to meet the needs of domestic and international markets.





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