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The principle and advantages of USB connectors

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USB connectors are suitable for today's most popular connectors. Our current production of USB C-type can meet the transmission speed of 10Gbps and is produced by fully automatic machines with automatic flatness detection and automatic tape packaging to produce products of stable quality. Here are the working principles and advantages of USB connectors.

Here is the content list:

  • The working principle of USB connectors

  • Advantages of USB connectors

The working principle of USB connectors

The USB connector is an external bus standard that regulates the connection and communication between computers and external devices. The USB interface has a hot-plugging function. USB interface can be connected to a variety of peripherals, such as mice and keyboards, etc. USB connector was introduced at the end of 1994 by Intel and several other companies jointly in 1996, has successfully replaced the serial and parallel ports and has become a must for today's computers and a large number of intelligent devices with the interface. The USB connector version has evolved over the years and is now available in USB4. For most engineers, the main obstacles to developing USB 2.0 interface products are: dealing with the complex USB 2.0 protocol, writing their drivers for USB devices, and being familiar with microcontroller programming. This not only requires considerable VC programming experience but also the ability to write hardware programs for the USB interface. This is why most people give up on developing their USB connector products.

Advantages of USB connectors

1. Can be hot-plugged: means that the user does not need to switch off and then on when using external devices, but rather plug directly into the USB connector when the computer is working to use.

2. Easy to carry: Most USB devices are known for being "small, light, and thin". This makes it very convenient for users to carry large amounts of data around with them. Of course, USB hard drives can also be used.

3. Uniform standards: common are IDE interface hard drives, serial port mouse keyboards, parallel port printers, and scanners, with the USB connector, these applications peripherals can be connected with the same standard and personal computer. At this point, there is a USB hard disk, USB mouse, USB printer, and so on.

4. Multiple devices can be connected: USB connectors on personal computers often have multiple interfaces and can be connected to several devices at the same time. If you connect a USB HUB with four ports, you can connect another four USB devices, and so on, as far as you can go, connecting all your home devices to a PC at the same time without any problems (note: up to 127 devices can be connected).

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