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Why should I choose Pin Header SMT products?

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Why should I choose Pin Header SMT products?

1. Some customers design the PCB is very small, because now the length, width and height of electronic products will become smaller and smaller, inverse to the front and back of the PCB board will have electronic parts, if the previous DIP Pin header, so that the reverse side of his can not have other parts, but if the choice of SMT Pin header, the reverse side of it can be normal layout of other parts

2. With the increasing cost of labor, Pin header DIP products need to be manually inserted into the PCB board, now more and more customers choose this Pin header SMT products, it is the tape reel packaging, through the robot to grab the product automatically placed in the designated position, which can save a lot of labor costs

3. The previous manual Pin header DIP products manually inserted into the PCB board, long working hours of the production line staff, there will be fatigue, the product is not inserted into place, inserted crooked, and other undesirable phenomena, but after changing to this Pin header SMT products, the machine automatically production, there will be no defective output.

To sum up, more and more customers will choose this Pin Header SMT product from the factors of space, cost and quality of the product.winconn Electronics specializes in Pin header;female header and box header connectors for nearly two decades, product specifications are complete, welcome your inquiries, for more information, please visit: www.wconn.com





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