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Why does Pin Header need plating?

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Why does Pin Header need plating?

All the materials of the Pin header and female header products inevitably contact with the environment, in fact, the real contact with the environment is the surface of metal materials, such as terminals, iron shell, etc., wear, corrosion, fracture is the three major forms of failure of metal terminals, and these failures usually start from the surface of metal materials, therefore, metal surface protection and strengthening is the root of the problem, but also the direction of everyone's efforts.

With the rapid development of modern industry, electronic products put forward more demanding requirements, requiring electronic products can be in high parameters (such as high temperature, high pressure, high speed) and harsh environmental conditions, can be long-term stable work, which is bound to the material surface wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties and surface treatment put forward higher requirements, so that it becomes the first line of defense against product failure

Most of the surface treatment methods have a certain protective effect on the metal material, to improve the corrosion resistance of the Pin header and female header products in the atmosphere, seawater and chemical media, the formation of a protective film on the metal surface, isolating the metal and corrosion media, is an effective way to prevent metal corrosion, especially chemical corrosion, the most commonly used, the easiest is in the metal surface can be plated Ni.

The workpiece is placed in the plating bath with nickel sulfate (NiSO4) plating solution, and the workpiece is connected to the negative terminal of the DC power supply as the cathode. When the direct current passes through the two electrodes and the electrolyte containing metal ions between the two electrodes, the anions and cations in the plating solution move regularly due to the electric field, with the anions moving to the anode and the cations moving to the cathode, at which time the nickel ions are deposited on the cathode by reduction, while the anodic oxidation converts the metal nickel into nickel ions, thus obtaining a plated layer on the surface of the workpiece. layer.

Nickel plating is to isolate copper and air, gold plating has good electrical conductivity, wear resistance and weldability, when the terminals of the Pin header and female header plating nickel, then gold plating, can ensure good conduction and wear resistance, and convenient welding to the PCB board, through the above knowledge, do you have an understanding of the row of pins and rows of mother to plating?

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