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Company profile

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Winconn founded in March 2016, Winconn is dedicated to providing precision connectors and custom solutions.

The company focuses on the development, manufacturing and sales of connectors and Cables in the fields of 5G electronics, power grid control devices, industrial automation and control, LED controllers, consumer electronics, medical electronics and automotive electronics. The application industries of our products include 5G control board, power grid controller, industrial automation and control system, LED display, cell phone computer hard disk, new energy vehicle electric control system, medical equipment.

KunShan Winconn Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located at No. 1299, Fuchunjiang Road, Kunshan Development Zone. The company has branded equipment from Switzerland and Japan, including high precision grinder&milling machine&wire cutting, high precision injection molding machine, high speed punching machine, high speed policy cutting machine, plastic mold, lab  machine. Winconn is capable of developing and designing terminal stamping and injection molds, through precision high-speed stamping molds and high-precision injection molding molds, to automatic product assembly machines, so it has a clear advantage in the lead time of custom product delivery. Winconn has its own trademark "winconn". The company pays attention to the quality of products, most of the products use automatic assembly machine, automatic CCD inspection machine, automatic packaging machine, so that the product quality is more stable. We have obtained ISO-9001:2015 and most of our products comply with EU RoHS and REACH application requirements.

winconn Electronics specializes in row pin and pin header;female header and box header connectors for nearly two decades, product specifications are complete, welcome your inquiries, for more information, please visit: www.wconn.com





ADD: 3F No.10, No.1299 the FuchunJiang Road, Kunshan Development Zone, Suzhou city, Jiangsu province, China.
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