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Pin header connector principle and advantages

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Pin header connectors are the most common components of electronic components, pins and females are also known as plug connectors. In life, we commonly use 90% of the electrical appliances that need pin header connector components, such as TV, air conditioning, mobile phones, remote control, desktop computers, monitors, audio, etc, these appliances digital are used to pin row master. After understanding the application of clear products, we introduce the principle and advantages of the pin header connector.

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Here is the content list:

l The working principle of the pin header connectors

l Advantages of the pin header connectors

The working principle of the pin header connectors

1. easy to operate, the pin header connectors' mechanical strength is also an important factor. The connector is usually the PCB motherboard and external components of the communication interface, The female bar of the pin header connector is very strong and may sometimes encounter considerable external forces and remain intact.

2. Components assembled in through-hole technology are much more reliable than the correspondingly better SMT components. It can withstand strong pulling, squeezing, or thermal shocks and is not easily detached from the PCB.

3. Industrial field wiring of the row of pins and busbar processing is usually high-power components and can meet the needs of different transmissions of high voltage and high current.

4. These advantages are weakened by the consequent reduction in the adhesion of the components to the PCB. The characteristics of pin and busbar components lie in their compact design and ease of mounting, with clear differences in size and form of assembly from through-hole pins.

5. The electrical resistance is the rated test voltage between the row of pins, contact parts or contact parts, and the housing.

6. The general row of pins row mother can adapt to the attenuation caused by electromagnetic interference, as well as the ability to shield electromagnetic interference.

7. The contact resistance of the pin header connector is as small as a few tens of milliohms.

Advantages of the pin header connectors

1. Improve the production process: Pin header connectors simplify the assembly process of electronic products. Also simplifies the mass production process;

2. Easy to repair: If an electronic component fails, a pin header connector can quickly replace the failed component;

3. Easy to upgrade: as technology advances, when equipped with a pin header connector can be updated components, with new, better components to replace the old;

4. Increased design flexibility: the use of pin header connectors gives engineers greater flexibility when designing and integrating new products and when forming systems from components.

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