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Mounting and fixing of pin header connectors

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Pin header connectors are widely used to connect PCBs and are known as universal connectors. Generally used in pairs with its mother-of-pearl, wire ends, and other connectors. With the competition in the pin header connector market, some manufacturers are now reducing costs from plating and materials, but also reducing the characteristics and life of the product. So, how to install and fix the pin header connector?

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Here is the content list:

l Installation steps of the pin header connector

l Pin header connector fixing method

Installation steps of the pin header connector

1. The procedure for installing the pinout must be carried out

The first thing to do is to cut the headers to a certain length. So far, the row of pins is arranged above the hole at the edge of the shield, cut into the four parts of the row of pins. Then place the pin header connectors and insert them into the row of pin partitions. The long pins will be connected down to the female header. After inserting the long pin into the female pin, the shield is placed. It must be parallel to the row of pins and pushed downwards. Finally, solder each pin to ensure good electrical contact.

2. Assembly with stacking headers

The stacking header provides logger protection and extra flexibility for your data. At this point, you can use it LCD or RGB display shield in combination with other shields to generate a compact logging mechanism that can understand the user's bank. In addition, you can hoard one or more prototype shields and place an additional prototype hole to connect the sensor.

The stacking connector should be installed from the top of the board. In this trade, you must place the header. Then, insert the header into the top of the shield, flip the shield over and place it on a flat surface. After placing the header, straighten it and make it vertical. Remember to insert the connector into the top of the shield to solder from below.

Pin header connector fixing method

There are several pins on a pin header connector whose main function is to interconnect with the associated equipment, therefore connector pins are vital.

1. Press-in pins

Press-in pins are fixed by forcing them into place. Simple to install, the insulated wires do not need to have their protective coating removed, ensuring a good electrical connection without damaging the wires. No cable return is required, saving cable investment. No need to cut the main cable, tap points can be made at any point in the cable.

2. Epoxy-type pins

After the insulator and shell have been punched, the pins are fixed with epoxy resin. Strong chemical resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and resistance to organic solvents. Low shrinkage rate, good dimensional stability, and low chance of cracking.

3. Point riveted pins

After pressing in, the pin is fixed in a point riveted housing. With a simple structure, and high reliability is a cost-effective permanent fixing assembly method. The assembled metal components are solid and compact, corrosion-resistant, and shock resistant.

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