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Pin header-improve the process, automatic punching, to achieve a win-win situation

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Our company has developed a pin header product, which can be installed without CAP or Mylar. In the previous production process, after the pin header product is produced, a CAP or Mylar needs to be added on the top for the customer's SMT punching, the mechanical nozzle needs a flat surface to absorb the product, and then the product is installed to the correct position on the PCB board, and then soldered on the PCB board after IR Reflow. A CAP, the first need to increase the cost of a CAP, the second need to install CAP labor costs, our company has for this 90 degree SMT products, the above surface to do flat, so that the mechanical nozzle can be directly adsorbed on the surface of the plastic, so that you can save CAP costs and installation CAP labor costs, so that the product price can be reduced by about 10%, to enhance the competitiveness of products.

However, it is also necessary to design the plastic upper surface of the pin header product into a flat surface in the plastic mold.We hope to communicate more with our customers to solve their pain points, reduce costs and increase competitiveness by improving design solutions or processes, and grow together with them.

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