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Introduction to Pin Header Connectors

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Pin header connector can be described as a connector of the old level, useful to the PCB board, you can see its figure, medical appliances; industrial control motherboards; electrical motherboards; consumer electronics motherboards; automotive motherboards, etc.. Pin header connectors can be used with Female Header connectors to achieve the ideal fit height, when the design height is not enough, you can use double plastic pins to increase the height, and can be changed with the design value, compared to other connectors with only a fixed height, the advantages are obvious.

There are many types of rows of needles, classified by the number of rows, can be divided into single row; double row; three rows; four rows.

WPH-8001-1XX-4GXB-XR 640 1WPH-8001-2XX-4GXB-XR 640 1WPH-8001-3XX-4GXB-XR 1WPH-7001-4XX-4GXB-XR 640 1

According to the way of mounting with PCB, it can be classified into: straight DIP; right angle DIP; vertical SMT; right angle SMT;Straddle type.

WPH-8001-2XX-4GXB-XR 640 1WPH-8001-2XX-3GXB-XR 1WPH-8001-2XX-2GXB-XR 1WPH-8001-2XX-1GXB-XR 1

According to the pitch , it can be divided into 0.80mm;1.0mm;1.27mm,2.0mm;2.5mm;2.54mm;3.96mm;5.08mm.

According to the number of plastic classification, can be divided into single plastic; double plastic; three plastic.

WPH-8001-2XX-4GXB-XR 1WPH-8008-2XX-4GXB-XR 1

三塑180 1

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