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Uses and Advantages of the Box Header Connector

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The Box Header Connector is a male connector with exposed pins surrounded by side dividers molded into the plastic base. Box headers are manufactured with at least two single or double rows of pins. Box header connectors are widely used for boss-to-board or wire-to-board connections. Box connectors are available with PC tails (through-hole) terminated vertically or at right angles, and SMT tails are also available, with or without alignment posts. Alignment posts help to place SMT parts onto the PCB before soldering.

Box Header Connector

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l What is the purpose of the Box Header Connector?

l Advantages of our Box Header Connector

What is the purpose of the Box Header Connector?

Box Header Connector is a pin connector with a plastic guide box or shroud around the pin. The plastic case helps prevent damage to the pins when they are not yet mated and provides an easier connector mating process. The cassette connectors are keyed and polarized to prevent mismating. They come with square slots cut out of the plastic box to ensure that compatible connectors fit correctly. Our Box Header Connector is available for a range of applications and is an excellent solution for your connector needs due to its competitive price.

Advantages of our Box Header Connector

Our Box Header Connector is gold nickel plated for connection. The nickel plating mainly serves as a barrier between the copper and gold layers, preventing the gold and copper from spreading to each other and affecting the service life, while the nickel plating also greatly increases the mechanical strength of the gold layer. Nickel plating is a method of electrolytic or chemical plating on metal or some non-metal with a layer of nickel to increase the wear resistance of shrapnel or pins, and to enhance the aesthetics of the appearance. Gold plating takes advantage of the superior corrosion resistance of gold, which has a very high resistance to oxidation or corrosion. Applications for gold-plated connectors include high humidity environments or frequent thermal cycling and exposure to corrosive salts or acids. Next is the high conductivity, in addition to copper and silver, gold is the world's third most conductive metal, however, gold does not produce any oxides or other compounds, so even at high temperatures or exposure to corrosive environments can maintain its high conductivity. At the same time, gold plating is an excellent surface treatment for forming reliable solder joints, requiring only a mild flux and no acid activation for uniform wetting at all times. Gold plating can be applied to virtually any substrate, including connectors, for subsequent connection by soldering. One last point, gold is not magnetic. This is advantageous in situations where electromagnetic fields can interfere. So, you can have complete confidence in our Box Header Connector.

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