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The role of female header connectors and selection

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As the current major industries in the common connection components, female header connectors are widely used, mainly in electronic equipment, and instruments to get a good application, can be completed on the current or signal transmission, generally can be used directly with the pin header connectors to achieve the board-to-board connection, then the role of female header connectors, how to make the right choice it.

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Here is the content list:

l The role of the female header connectors

l How to choose a female header connector

The role of the female header connectors

The row of female header connectors is a connection component, the main role is to be blocked inside the circuit or not between the circuits, to play a role in connecting the bridge, can take on the task of current transmission, not only can be used with the electronic harness end of the matching but can also be used independently for connection, can play a key role in the power system.

The female header connectors not only have an important role to play in the connection between the various components, and is also very good in terms of application, with a wide range of applications. Such as smart meters, instruments, car recorders, routers, laptops, computers, intelligent communication products, and home appliances, which have a good applications, can see the figure of the female header connector.

How to choose a female header connector

Because female header connectors play a key role in various industries, it is also important that we learn how to select female header connectors. In the choice of female header connectors, you need to understand several aspects, not only the different ways to divide the product, but there are also female header connectors in the number of different rows, you can directly follow the number of rows to do a good job of division, different types of female header connectors will also be used in different areas, so business users should also make a choice based on demand.

In the process of selecting the female header connector, not only doing a good job of understanding the type of product, but their own needs are also important, after all, the current needs of business users or differences in the time of choice, but also following their needs to make the right choice, and thus be able to find the right female header connector.

At present, female header connectors can indeed be used in all major industries, so before using the product to understand how the role of the product and how to make the right choice of products is also very critical. KunShan Winconn Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on product quality, most of the products use automatic assembly machines, automatic CCD inspection machines, and automatic packaging machines, so that the product quality is more stable, you can rest assured that the quality of the product problems. The company specializes in the production of line and pin header tubes, female header connectors, and inter-cow connectors for more than 20 years, with a full range of product specifications. For more information, please visit our website https://www.wconn.com/





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